One Book A Day To Keep Boredom Away

10 Nov

While I am not a heiress to a grand fortune, I gotta say that my life is pretty good. I have parents that did the best to provide for me, I get along (no matter how much they disagree) with my two sisters and two brothers. I have friends who are just like family. But none of that helps with getting a job, meeting a cute guy, and “living” the rest of my life.

So that’s how I find myself 5 months after my college graduation with no job, no boyfriend, no general direction of the “rest of my life” but still perfectly content where I am right now. And while certain circumstances have allowed me to remain jobless for the better sake of family, I can’t help but be a little thankful for those circumstances because if they were not there I truly don’t know how I would be coping while all of my friends have moved on into grad school, jobs, internships and me laying around at home.

But anyways enough waah ahh my life sucks from me. I’m writing because when I love reading (and do I ever love reading) I want to find people I can share my love of reading with. Now I’m not going to pretend that I’m some great love of literature (because I’m not) but I do love reading. I’m not making much sense, and I guess you can tell that I didn’t excel in writing in school. I’m not looking for a book club, that dissects the symbolism/plot devices/stylistic devices of the book (I’ve never been in a book club before but I think that’s what they do and that is way to high brow for me) but people who read the same things I do and can converse about those books lightheartedly (no the author meant this the author meant that bull shit). Book friends, instead of book club members.

So in between the job hunt and caring of the patient I will use this blog to try and read a good portion of a book a day. (Trust me when you got no job you have enough time in the day to read a book a day). Not only will this appease my addiction to reading but maybe this will help me “find myself” like all the heroines I read about and I’ll know what to do so I can step away from the wheelchair that is my family. (I know bad metaphor but crutch seemed so bleh)

Till next time.


Oh p.s. Since this is my first post I wanted to let ya’ll know that ordinarily my chosen genre for reading is young adult and romance novels, I can’t say no to a happy ending. 😉 So if you don’t like em, you don’t have to read my review commentary jottings about them.


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