Book 8: First Lady

16 Dec

First Lady by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Oh Susie P. you’ve done it again. Nell and Mat ❤ 4eva Their chemistry basically sizzled through the pages. My heart couldn’t take all the melting that was pages 369-371. If a man said that to me, phew I’m sure I would burst into a million pieces, and not in the “omg romance novel orgasm way,” but something striking my atoms sort of way. The quote on the back perfectly summarizes it “A star-spangled, richly emotional story of self-discovery, celebrity, love, and family.” There were enough twists and turns to keep the plot lively, while also adding a new facet to the relationship between the characters. And while this book is not an commentary about American politics, I think it meshed well with the atmosphere about politics, even if the election is already over.


“She smelled good, and, … he felt something odd.” haha oh boy.

“It was nice to be around someone so cheerfully perverse.”

“I don’t type at all. That’s why I’m unemployed” Zing!

“.. but he didn’t feel safe like the agents she was used to. Instead he felt like danger” – girls always love the bad boys.

“Still, there were always women who had a death wish that attracted them to a man who set hard boundaries.”

“some perversely male part of him was glad she was nervous.”

“He’d decided last night that he wasn’t getting within ten fee of her without packing a condom.”



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