Book 50: The Enchantress

18 Jun

theenchantressThe Enchantress (The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel #6) by Michael Scott

And here we have the final battle, both in the modern world and the lovely “paradise” of Danu Talis. Of course the good guys win, but not without a but load of losses (Prometheus, Mars, Hel, Odin, elder death galore). I would love to read how Zephaniah got revenge for the death of her little brother(Prometheus) and her husband Mars. I loved how at the end the humani immortals realized that although they were different nationalities/sides they are still human and should protect the other humans. Dee giving up his life to save everyone, and his subsequent last lines to Virginia were great. The character of Virginia was unexpected, I really thought she would turn out to be bad, she certainly seemed kind of slimy but her speeches/actions were a nice reveal. But I guess Josh liking her should have been a clue, since JOSH BECOMES FREAKING MARETHYU (DEATH). I guess I was kind of hoping that Sophie would have been the one to save/destroy the world, but I think Josh was the right “twin.” My co-favorite character, along with Perenelle, has to be Tsagaglalal. She is so bad-ass, both in the Danu Talis battle and San Francisco battle. She slices and dices through enemies without breaking stride. Her battlecry send Bastet and Quetzalcoatl running from the fight.



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