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Fluffy- light or airy, like a cake. Reader- one who reads.

I here now declare myself as a fluffy reader, and don’t feel ashamed if you are too.  Just because you love reading does not mean you are a literature nut.  And I say “It’s a-okay, friend.”  I won’t tell you about the symbolism of that item, if you don’t ask me what the author meant when they wrote that passage.  Let’s just have irrational debates about our favorite scenes, how we cannot wait for the follow up book, or how many hours we spend reading is healthy and obsessive.  This blog is a fluffy reader safe haven.

Fluffy Reader- one who does not need to delve into the intricacies of the passage, but who loves reading for readings sake.

I’m not going to be writing deeply insightful reviews, I think that authors work hard to publish so I give them huge kudos to them for printing the lovely pages.  Every book is enjoyed by some one.  Even ones that people hate.



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