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Book 65: She’s No Faerie Princess

15 Mar

she's no faerie princessShe’s No Faerie Princess (Novels of the Others #10) by Christine Warren

This book was awesome.  I’ve been on a YA wave lately, so I was getting an urging for a good romance novel.  And this book surely delivered.  It had a Kelley Armstrong’s Women of the Otherworld vibe, so of course I enjoyed it.  It combined the supernatural and romance in a way that was easy to read. (I was too eager to read it, as I was caught reading during working hours. woops) And it only took 34 pages before the characters acted on their lust.  Either I’ve been away from these too books too long, or those scenes are coming faster that I remember. haha. But having this little peak into the world, I look forward to reading the other books in the series.  Unfortunately that might be awhile.   As I will talk about in a future post, I’ve made the switch to the kindle, to satisfy my reading needs, but still being poor only buy the free books, or on sale books. I took a trip to the English bookstore in Seoul a couple weeks ago, and got this on sale, a real paper in your hands book, but the ebooks of the series are still too pricey for me. 😦 But I’ll get to them eventually!


“It wasn’t her fault that every time they touched, magic just happened.” (117) AHHHHHH. the chemistry.

Her voice stayed serene and quiet, but no one could mistake the steel in it. (169) This is what I aspire to.  Most people who know me would describe me as quiet and/or serene, but I can’t pull the steel/don’t question me quite yet.


Book 30: Penelope

23 Mar

penelopePenelope by Anya Wylde

Well first off, I gotta give props to Anya for contacting/befriending me through goodreads. She saw that I read a lot of Regency Romance and graciously decided to let me read her story for free. 🙂

And with that let me continue to blurb.

Ahaha only on the second page and I’m loving Anne’s overactive imagination in explaining Penelope’s lateness. I can see I’m going to like her already. This book was filled with such a quirky story and I loved it. It was very fluffy and I had quite a few “I’m smiling like an idiot” moments. It read like some of my favorite romcoms, plot and action wise, and had those playful scenes that make the story so comical/enjoyable. My favorite scene was the balcony scene. When Penelope “fainted” and then when Charles called her out on it and of course infuriated her. Her trying to choke him afterward. Hilarious.


“It is monstrously unfair that whenever a girl needs her wits about her, she goes and does something completely idiotic. Penelope was that sort of girl.” (8)

“It was their right to learn his past, dissect his personality and gossip about his latest attachments.” (16) ahh the duties of a Gossip Queen


“Penelope dusted her skirts and smoothed her hair. “I swooned and then attempted to murder the duke. Shall we return indoors?”” (162)

~Lady E

Book 27: The Smart One and the Pretty One

4 Mar

the-smart-one-and-the-pretty-one2The Smart One and the Pretty One by Claire LaZebnik

Sister power! Having two sisters, and being in the middle of our sisterly trio, this book certainly appealed to me. I loved how their relationship was portrayed and it made me absolutely miss my sisters. Ava and Lauren so similar but yet distinctly individuals. And ahh the arranged marriage scenario. It played a small but cute role. And oh Russell Markowitz. Ava is a lucky girl.  When he added Pygmalion and Galatea into his argument, I just about sighed like one of those lovesick puppies.


Russell “I’d be attracted to you no matter what you wore. In fact, you could be naked, Ava, and I’d be attracted to you. Really. I mean that.” (181) Now this although quite a quip, did not lead to the characters dancing the horizontal tango.

“He smiled down into her eyes and she looked right at him and she knew him. When hadn’t she known him? With a little sigh of acceptance, she moved into his arms, meeting his eager kiss with a mouth that was just as greedy as him” (279)

Post Post.

Hehe. I find that I am a great lover of italics.


Book 23: A Night Like This

16 Feb

anightlikethisA Night Like This by Julia Quinn


“Love is blind.” “But not illiterate.” 59

“Sad, strange, and evil are all very well and good, but I’d like to be wicked. Wouldn’t you?” 176

It was this quote that really got me. I just love the historical meaning and usage of the word wicked. I mean we have naughty, but it just doesn’t feel the same to me.

My favorite character would have to be Hugh Prentice. Well Hugh Prentice post-kidnapping. He seemed kind of dark and dreary, but still with a little je ne sais quoi. But when he got on board to rescue Anne, damn. Daniel’s descriptions of him were just so funny. Haha

“In fact, everyone went for the knife except Hugh, who, unnoticed to all, was standing in the doorway with a pistol trained on Chervil, looking almost bored.” 359

I am so glad that he will play a pivotal role in the next book due out June 25th 2013. You can find the summary and more information here. 🙂

~Lady E

Book 22: Unlocked

12 Feb

Unlocked1Unlocked (Turner 1.6) by Courtney Milan

Part 2 of Christmas gifts is here. And just like the first, I loved it! Miss Milan, you are worming your way into my book heart with every work I read. I don’t know how you cram so much goodness in 70 pages, but behold that is what it is. My heart followed every exciting page and wants more! Although the Hero was a big jerk to our heroine in the past, he tries to make amends with her; and I cannot help but smile evilly when she makes him grovel more. But Evan is such a sweetheart. *sigh* All his speeches, and actions, it’s no wonder that Elaine just melted. Well eventually.

~ Lady E

Book 16: The Governess’s Affair

22 Jan

governess'saffairThe Governess’s Affair (Brothers Sinister, #0.5) by Courtney Milan


After 100 pages and one hour and thirty-six minutes later (Yes I did time myself!! haha I was in a weird mood). I am completely satisfied with book 1 of 3 of my lovely Christmas gift books. I think I have just found my next Romance Author to read (she currently has 18 published works). Hugo is a fearsome man, worthy of the name “Wolf of Clermont,” but there is no good love story unless Serena is his match in every way. Which she is, of course. While I think the plot is okay (it is only a novella), their battles of wit are why I gave this book 4 stars.




“I only behave when it counts” (19) Oh Hugo, those words will make any woman flutter to you.

“And he’d practically disrobed her-well, maybe disgloved her.” (29) Milan makes the simple action of removing a glove, a hot hot hot event.

Marry me.

But this… this was perhaps, the most sinister thing that he’d said.” (42)


~Lady E

Book 15: Romancing Mr. Bridgerton

18 Jan

romancingmr.bridgertonRomancing Mr. Bridgerton by Julia Quinn


Ahhhhh, This has to be one of my favorite J.Quinn novels. I can just feel Colin’s feelings for Penelope. When he tells her she’s beautiful, oh god, I cannot deny that I swooned, quivered, and shrieked, my emotions were all over the place, but dang it if Quinn didn’t have me invested with each page. And you know me, I don’t actively look for stories, with little sister’s best friend is my soul mate if only I had seen it earlier, but this one makes me like that plot. Gawd it is kind of embarrassing to admit that. It has that kind of power over me. And not only that, but Lady Whistledown- my favorite character plays a major part in this book. And she gets unmasked!


One of my favorite scenes was when poor Colin was led to Daphne, by his conscience of course,to ask how love felt like. It’s just so, ughh I can’t even put my feelings into words. (which may be a hint that I need to expand my vocabulary) The only thing I was miffed about was that Colin had to save the day, it made me love him more, but the feminist in me screamed that a woman was not able to outmaneuver another woman.


And perhaps my Quote of my lifetime

“…and of all the things she understood in this world, she understood words.” (416)


~ Lady E

Postscript: When I was perusing the cover photo, I stumbled upon The Bookwyrm’s Hoard review.  I think she did a wonderful job actually reviewing it, as opposed to my errant ramblings, so please check it out here!

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