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Book 12: The Lost Duke of Wyndham

6 Jan

lostdukeofwyndhamBook 12:

The Lost Duke of Wyndham by Julia Quinn

No Summary or Review but just some words.







I love reading and finding words that I have to look up. =]

~ Lady E


Book 10: The Viscount Who Loved Me

23 Dec


The Viscount Who Loved Me by Julia Quinn

I don’t know what I would fear more, a man who straightforwardly tells you that he will not fall in love with you, (less fortunate is she who loves one who has the inkling and doesn’t tell you) or a man who was adamant in courting my sister. Thankfully for Kate, Anthony Bridgerton is both. A rogue and rake who believes in true love, you are totally gonna fall. My favorite part had to be all the Colin/Kate interactions, and the Pall Mall Scene. Ahhhhh.


“Whistledown, was without a doubt, the most interesting reading material in London,” I love my favorite character getting the recognition that she deserves.

“And Anthony realized with a mental slap that he’d said exactly the wrong thing.” if men realized this more often, there would be many more happy partners in the world.

“Something about her was…. right.” Does that mean that he’s left. Get it. Ha ha ah.

“She had responded to his wicked kiss, and she hated herself for it.”

“Men are not as smart as we are, they’re not as intuitive as we are, and they certainly don’t need to know about fifty percent of what we do.” Oh Daph.

“There is nothing like a spot of competition to bring out the worst in a man or the best in a woman. Lady Whistledown.”

“Love was the enemy of the dying man.”

~ Lady E

Book 9: The Great Escape

18 Dec

The Great Escape by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Wow page 66 and we get our first steamy scene. I was not expecting that. Nor the rape scenes… But I’m lovin all the fake baby pouches. I’ve read novels where the point of view changes through the characters, but even in Susie P’s earlier works, it was a love story of generations, where these are two congruent love stories, albeit there is the main one between Lucy and Panda, and a secondary ones between Bree and Mike, and Temple and Max. Although I’m a little apprehensive of women running out of their wedding and finding true love with the next man they see, I guess I approve of it a little more than the groom finding eternal happiness with his bride’s best friend (I did like Call Me Irresistible !!) and I liked how the conversations between them were in this book verbatim. And I do wonder if Toby will be making another appearance, she has caved into their demands for Lucy and Ted’s story. So we can only postulate about Toby with maybe someone from Chicago?


“She wanted to think it was merely awareness, bu it was more than that. An involuntary arousal.”

“The other was a different kind of pain in the ass, and the way he wanted to handle her was naked.” lol men.

“As his eyes caught hers, she was hit with another of those jolts of sexual electricity that proved exactly how disconnected a woman’s body could be from her brain.” here’s an instant when a woman’s sexuality will be used against her better judgment.

“He’d always be a serial monogamist.” well isn’t this what we all want to hear.


Book 8: First Lady

16 Dec

First Lady by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Oh Susie P. you’ve done it again. Nell and Mat ❤ 4eva Their chemistry basically sizzled through the pages. My heart couldn’t take all the melting that was pages 369-371. If a man said that to me, phew I’m sure I would burst into a million pieces, and not in the “omg romance novel orgasm way,” but something striking my atoms sort of way. The quote on the back perfectly summarizes it “A star-spangled, richly emotional story of self-discovery, celebrity, love, and family.” There were enough twists and turns to keep the plot lively, while also adding a new facet to the relationship between the characters. And while this book is not an commentary about American politics, I think it meshed well with the atmosphere about politics, even if the election is already over.


“She smelled good, and, … he felt something odd.” haha oh boy.

“It was nice to be around someone so cheerfully perverse.”

“I don’t type at all. That’s why I’m unemployed” Zing!

“.. but he didn’t feel safe like the agents she was used to. Instead he felt like danger” – girls always love the bad boys.

“Still, there were always women who had a death wish that attracted them to a man who set hard boundaries.”

“some perversely male part of him was glad she was nervous.”

“He’d decided last night that he wasn’t getting within ten fee of her without packing a condom.”


Book 3: The Duke and I

25 Nov

The Duke and I by Julia Quinn

Now there is something different about reading a romance novel and reading a historical romance novel. And Julia Quinn is one of my favs. She creates a world in which many of her books coexist. (which I like, seeing one of my favorite couples in another work!) This is the first of her Bridgerton series. Since I can’t fathom living in the early 19th century, I’m very attached to indoor plumbing/shorts/refrigerator, but a whimsical part of me years for the dating method of yore. No “is this a date, or are we just hanging out” It was very romantic (among the ton), you courted, you called, you had a dance card. *sigh * granted these were dates that were geared towards finding your spouse, but still. Come on guys you need to step your game up. Anyways back to Simon and Daphne. I liked how it didn’t end with their marriage, but showed them working through the big problem. this story also reminded me of another of her works The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever. Now Daphne was a little too naive in her knowledge of the intimacies of women and men for me, but other wise her character was very kindhearted with that hint of Bridgerton spitfire. Okay now I’m going to be a little double standard here but I enjoy girl gets with brother’s best friend romances a lot better than boy gets with sister’s best friend romances. So this book was a-okay for me.


“Bachelors are a challenge. Spinsters are merely pathetic” (29)

“Simon,” she pleaded, “save me.” And he was lost (208) – Come on guys, do you always feel the need to be the savior?!?

-I think if I was to be one of Quinn’s characters it would have to be Lady Whistledown. Hah The Gossip Queen’s book counterpart 😉


Book 1: Glitter Baby

11 Nov

Glitter Baby by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Hello, Book Friends!

Okay So this one is alittle bit cheating. Like all Romance novels, they’re mostly predictable in that you know the girl is gonna get the guy. But dang it S.E.P. If you don’t make me so invested in your stories. Miss Phillips cradled me into my first foray of romance novels with Lady Be Good, (the second r.novel I ever read) and I haven’t been able to stay away from her ever since. Now if you readers would kindly check out the lovely book chart (yes I’m a bit of a brag about what I’ve read, but it also keeps me from rereading what I’ve already read) then you can see that I’ve a lot of her work. So I thought I’d complete the list and that’s how I found myself on my local library website checking about 5 of her books out of the 13 books (you’ll learn about the rest later on 😉 ) I checked out the following week.

My Note-ings:

( and a few of her older books) how she gives the background story of the parents of the main girl, Fleur.

It was hard to place myself in their world, given that I am accustomed to internet/cellphones/the whole instant gratification thing.

Fleur living out the whole rags to riches, American Dream

While this was a romance novel, the romance wasn’t oozing out of all the pores, and I kind of liked it like that, focusing more on Fleur then the Fleur/Jake dynamic.

I can empathize with Fleur’s feelings of being a gigantic she-man when compared with her petite bff Krissy. (granted I’m not almost six feet tall, but I do got about 6 inches of height and twenty pounds on my midget bff)


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