Book 59- 61 : A Different Witch, A Celtic Witch, A Lost Witch

24 Feb
books 1-7

books 1-7

These were the three books I read during my vacation, but I’m going to talk about the whole series in this post.  I absolutely love magic and witches and all that jazz, so after skimming the summary I started to read, A Modern Witch.  While I enjoyed the magical properties of the book, it lacked the romance that I usually look for.  There was a focus more on the importance of family, the individuals related by blood and the ones not, and its relationships to the characters.  But while not my usual cup of tea, I did enjoy the explanation and uses of magic, the writing was excellent, so I thought, why not read the rest of the series.

a different witchA Different Witch (A Modern Witch # 5) by Deborah Geary

This book was meh to me.  I liked that Witch Central were forced to see that they could be the “bad guys” but nothing really stood out for me in this one.


“Knowing where you’re headed is one thing.  Knowing how to get there is often the tricky part.” – Good quote for any situation.

“We would never do something like that unless it was a total emergency. ” – Hahah oh the logic of ten year old girls.

a celtic witchA Celtic Witch (A Modern Witch # 6) by Deborah Geary

This was one of my favorites of the series because of the Romance! Haha. I love grumpy old men, and when they find love it’s just so much better.

a lost witchA Lost Witch (A Modern Witch # 7) by Deborah Geary

The last in this series we go back to the old magics of pre-cog and how much it sucks.  We are introduced to Hannah, super powered pre-cog witch, who with one glance glimpses potential futures.  She is institutionalized and Witch Central does everything they can so that she can lead a life both as a witch and a woman.  But one of my favorite was Ginia. We have Moira acknowledging that Sophie is the best healer, but reveals that Ginia, little ten year old witch, will surpass her soon.  Ginia stating that she should be included with the adults, because she needs to be prepared in case she needs to use big magic to take care of little brother, Aevryn.  So I’m hoping we get some books on the next generation and how they will use their magic, and hopefully how they fall in love.


“Not all warriors used swords.”- Or there is more than one way to fight a battle.



Vacation blues

15 Feb

Hey Fluffies

I’m going to be on vacation so lots of reading will be done but I’m going to wait until I get back to my laptop to write my blurbs. So in a bout a week expect lots of posts. Till then!!!

P.S. should I continue my book numbering or start anew since it’s been so long.


Books Books Books Books Books

7 Feb


Please allow me a few moments to preen like a peacock.   I recently insisted, prodded, maybe kinda sorta forced my friend to make a Goodreads account.  When she looked at my page, she was slightly intimidated by the number of books that I have read (421).  That number includes novels, comic books, manga, audiobooks, and oh how I wished it counted fanfiction.  But yes I am very proud of that number, and I want to know if you use goodreads, or any similar site, how many books do you have recorded as being read? Or how did you keep track of the books you’ve read before using those websites (I went by memory for a few pre-computer years and then a word document)? ~E

Hello, is anyone there?

6 Feb


She lives!!!! Haha. I can’t believe it’s been so long since I’ve posted anything.   A quick update on my life, I liked Korea so much that I decided to stay another year.  I like living here, but  homesickness is really hitting me hard this year, so I won’t be resigning my contract and I’ll be moving back stateside in a couple months.  Yay for getting free books from the library once again!!!!!! On the book-reading front, I have been reading (I don’t think I’ll ever be able to stop reading) and being abroad has forced me to switch to an E-reader(love the name as I am coincidentally an E-reader, haha, I’m so dorky).   After being gone away for almost two years, I have to re-learn how to write my blurbs, but I’ll try and write more updates.




Life Craziness!!!

30 Jul



I got a job in Korea, teaching English, so I’m so very sorry why I haven’t posted anything in ages.  And I probably won’t be posting anything(or have any free reading time) while I get adjusted to a) my new job, and b) to living in another country.  But please please bear with me, I’ll try and get a new post as soon as I can.

Book 58: Broken

21 Jul

brokenBroken (Women of the Otherworld # 6) by Kelley Armstrong


In the sixth installment we jump back to Elena and Clay. And She’s preggers!! So cute. One of the things I love about this world, is all the cross appearances of characters. Here we get Jaime, coming to help with her necro powers, and to you know oogle Jeremy. And some introductions to Zoe, haha her hitting, repeatedly, on pregnant Elena priceless. The story was interesting, but as always the girls gotta save the day. Whoop go Jaime, controlling the bad zombies, and Elena being well Elena.



Otherworld Mania!

19 Jul


Okay this is my kick off post for my Kelley Armstrong reading madness. I wanted to read all the other Armstrong novels before I became too busy/engrossed/dying from heat. I thought well I’ve already read 5/ 13 books it shouldn’t be too hard to finish, but then I discovered she wrote a bunch of novellas. If you check out this link it has all the stories in the Otherworld Universe, and I made a nice little document to check what I’ve read (a measely 5/51!) Unfortunately I’m under limited funds, so I could only grab her printed works from the holy library.


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