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Books Books Books Books Books

7 Feb


Please allow me a few moments to preen like a peacock.   I recently insisted, prodded, maybe kinda sorta forced my friend to make a Goodreads account.  When she looked at my page, she was slightly intimidated by the number of books that I have read (421).  That number includes novels, comic books, manga, audiobooks, and oh how I wished it counted fanfiction.  But yes I am very proud of that number, and I want to know if you use goodreads, or any similar site, how many books do you have recorded as being read? Or how did you keep track of the books you’ve read before using those websites (I went by memory for a few pre-computer years and then a word document)? ~E

Hello, is anyone there?

6 Feb


She lives!!!! Haha. I can’t believe it’s been so long since I’ve posted anything.   A quick update on my life, I liked Korea so much that I decided to stay another year.  I like living here, but  homesickness is really hitting me hard this year, so I won’t be resigning my contract and I’ll be moving back stateside in a couple months.  Yay for getting free books from the library once again!!!!!! On the book-reading front, I have been reading (I don’t think I’ll ever be able to stop reading) and being abroad has forced me to switch to an E-reader(love the name as I am coincidentally an E-reader, haha, I’m so dorky).   After being gone away for almost two years, I have to re-learn how to write my blurbs, but I’ll try and write more updates.




Book Case For Book Lovers 22

17 Jul

Originally found here.  So cute and very perfect.  I love the color coordination of the books, and the size of the library/shelves.  The contrast of the orange to the blue is very visually stunning.



Book Case for Book Lovers 21

3 Jul

I have no idea how you reach the books on the top (or how you decide which books to place on the top) but this floor to ceiling case is marvelous.  The skylights will also provide plenty of sunlight for reading. 🙂 Originally found here.



Book Case for Book Lovers 20

26 Jun

I just had a bookgasm from viewing this. UGhhhh My life needs one of these. I dub thee “Double Dose” or maybe “Heaven.”  Originally found here.


Most Read Authors

3 Jun


How are you! I hope you are doing well.  I had a quick question for you?  How many of you use Goodreads?  Because I absolutely love it.  I only wished I had discovered the site sooner!  One of the features that I use is the Most read Authors.  I wanted to share my list, and please leave a reply so I can see yours.  (The list shows the top 10, or those authors who I’ve read 5 books or more)


Book Case for Book Lovers 15

22 May

This is how my room should be.  A haven and storage area for all my books, with a dash of a bed to spend the time when I’m not reading. 🙂  Found here.


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