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Book 64: Rise of the Dragons

12 Mar

rise of the dragonsRise of the Dragons (KIngs and Sorcerers #1) by Morgan Rice

This had all the components for me to love it.  Fantasy. check. Bad ass warrior woman. Check. FRICKEN DRAGONS. Check. But it fell flat for me.  The author would describe someone/something in great detail, and then add a great big fat BUT, that seemed to contradict the previous.  Or not contradict per se, but it was like they were trying to cover all bases or facets so I wasn’t exactly sure how I felt about it.  I started and stopped this book a few times, reading another book in those pauses, which I usually never do.  I like to invest my time to one book at a time, so the fact that I even switched books, told me a lot.  The most exciting(or where I didn’t want to stop reading) parts were of course when the dragon was featured, however short that was.  When I picked this book, I was under the assumption that it was completed so even though I didn’t enjoy it as much as I hoped, I’m still going to wait and read the rest of the series when it is released.


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