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Book 34: Ender’s Game

11 Apr

ender'sgameEnder’s Game (Ender’s Saga  #1) by Orson Scott Carro


This was definitely out of my usual book list(wh-aat it was published in 1984! ha) , but it came greatly recommended, and I hear it is being made into a movie. And I liked it. Ender (cool name bro) is the pint sized protagonist, he is uber smart but is also a contemptible Third (third child born, when the government has sanctioned only two children per family), seeing as I also have a cool E-name, am smart (or so I like to believe) while also being the third child of my family, I liked him right away. The battle school simulator seems like it would be super fun to play with, but I don’t think I would have been any good at any of the games. He saves the world,and makes everyone around him love him but I think my favorite character would have to be big sister Valentine. She was able to kick him out of his funk, and keep Peter in check.



“Sometimes lies are more dependable than the truth.” (2)

“He’s still a slumbitch.” (150) haha Val what a good insult.

“He couldn’t read it, of course, but he knew what it was. Battle. How kind of them. I ask and they deliver.”(176) Oh Ender how flippant of you.

“Ender mentally added him to his private list of people who also qualified as human beings.” (184) Hahahahaha I loved this line.



Library Bundle

22 Mar

So I got back from my vacation a few days ago, but I’m still very much in vacation mood.  I usually do some reading during the traveling portions of vacation, but not this time, so I am kinda behind on my reading list.  I thought I’d share this photo of my current library haul.


by the way, did I mention that five of em are due by the 27th.  Bam here I go!



Romance Novels for the Beach

Find out which sexy books to bring with you, or leave behind, on your next beach vacation.

Alison Doherty

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Because there's no such thing as too many books- there's just not enough shelf space

Steel &Velvet

For The Love of Romance Novels

Apphia In Korea

The tale of one short Irish girl who moved to Korea to teach English and have super crazy adventures and maybe do other stuff too

Book Hub, Inc.

The Total Book Experience

Crack On Paper

To all the books that have me hooked.

Books, j'adore

story lovers unite

freaky folk tales

A haunting we will go...


book + movie = mook. this is mookology.