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Book 58: Broken

21 Jul

brokenBroken (Women of the Otherworld # 6) by Kelley Armstrong


In the sixth installment we jump back to Elena and Clay. And She’s preggers!! So cute. One of the things I love about this world, is all the cross appearances of characters. Here we get Jaime, coming to help with her necro powers, and to you know oogle Jeremy. And some introductions to Zoe, haha her hitting, repeatedly, on pregnant Elena priceless. The story was interesting, but as always the girls gotta save the day. Whoop go Jaime, controlling the bad zombies, and Elena being well Elena.



Book 48: Haunted

10 Jun

hauntedHaunted by Kelley Armstrong


I was unsure how I would like reading this “afterlife” love story, but it did not have any real differences between the real world and the afterlife. Eve was a superhero kind of gal, one whom I really liked. I found her dedication(borderline obsession) to her daughter her great characteristic. Although we did not get to see her “dark/evil side” so maybe that’s why I liked her so much. Kriss’s love was so sweet, and the stories of his fatherly side. Awwwww. It was very cute when they declared their feelings for each other. On the action side of things, the Nix was a very very good enemy. But she’s no match for Eve. Although Eve did have to ascend and become an angel to defeat her. But she does get a bad-ass sword. So the deal is still kind of good. At least she was able to release her obsession on all things Savannah, but it was sad when she realized that Lucas and Paige don’t trust her, but hey you can’t have everything.



Book 36: The Friday Society

19 Apr

fridaysocietyThe Friday Society by Adrienne Kress

I definitely loved this book! Girl-power all the way! Three main girls in the book, three sisters in my family, so I could totally relate. And I have placed myself as the ever lovely and bubbly Nellie (older sis is totes inventor Cora and younger sis is first choice for katana wielding Michiko). One Nellie’s a fricken magician’s assistant, I love magic! Two she gets some sort of flamethrower, me = mini pyro. Annnnd I don’t have a three as of now, but felt that this post needed it somewhere here. But yes buttkickin girls makes for a great book. I would recommend this book for everyone. So kudos for A Wrinkle in the Pages because I read her review and just had to read it! Another awesome review can be found here and here.   I don’t have a favorite part, the whole book was great!

But the Chapter Titles are hilar-ious.

Chapter 10: So Isn’t it About Time for That Gala Everyone’s Been Going on About

Chapter 14; Just Your Average Turn-of-the-Century Slumber Party with a Dead Body.  You Know How It is.


“I’d say there’s a sudden lack of enthusiasm for killig me. Here,” he said, returning her pistol and standing back. “threaten me.” (26) oh silly boys

“Intolerable? I’ll have you know lots of girls are rather fond of my front. My back, too.” (162) Andrew you charmer you. Too bad.

“But could one trust someone who bantered so effortlessly?” (170) NO of course not! Who knows how many girls he has used that silver tongue of his on.

“Michiko joined them, and Cora had to admit that it was nice to know the girl with the really sharp sword agreed with her assessment.” (363)

“ “Who the hell are you?” asked Cora, flabbergasted that the Fog should be a total stranger. After all the novels she’d read, she’d sort of assumed that he would be someone she knew.” (394) Riiiiiiiiiight? What up with that.


Book 27: The Smart One and the Pretty One

4 Mar

the-smart-one-and-the-pretty-one2The Smart One and the Pretty One by Claire LaZebnik

Sister power! Having two sisters, and being in the middle of our sisterly trio, this book certainly appealed to me. I loved how their relationship was portrayed and it made me absolutely miss my sisters. Ava and Lauren so similar but yet distinctly individuals. And ahh the arranged marriage scenario. It played a small but cute role. And oh Russell Markowitz. Ava is a lucky girl.  When he added Pygmalion and Galatea into his argument, I just about sighed like one of those lovesick puppies.


Russell “I’d be attracted to you no matter what you wore. In fact, you could be naked, Ava, and I’d be attracted to you. Really. I mean that.” (181) Now this although quite a quip, did not lead to the characters dancing the horizontal tango.

“He smiled down into her eyes and she looked right at him and she knew him. When hadn’t she known him? With a little sigh of acceptance, she moved into his arms, meeting his eager kiss with a mouth that was just as greedy as him” (279)

Post Post.

Hehe. I find that I am a great lover of italics.


Book 20: Dime Store Magic

4 Feb

Dime_Store_MagicDime Store Magic (Women of the Otherworld #3) By Kelley Armstrong

I loved loved loved it. We step out of the wolf world into the world of spells and magic. Paige is certainly a change from the force of nature Elena, but is strong in her own cutesy way. Paige and Savannah’s mother-daughter-sister relationship was beautifully written. Savannah’s teeny-bopper attitude paired with her powerful magic, makes her a force to be reckon with, she definitely is not making motherhood easy for the twenty-three year old witch. Lucas Cortez, sorcerer lawyer, riding to save the day, a knight not on a white steed but wicked cool motorcycle. I find their sorcerer/witch dynamic very interesting, and it makes for a good love story. Their ability to recognize each other kinda seems like a mating instinct, roaring “him him, with him you can make super magical babies,” well except for the whole we hate each others’ race thang. I hope that Paige can create another coven, and am interested how the Cortez Cabal will figure into the future of Lucas and Paige. Can their be any mix to the Cabal and Coven hierarchy. We shall see. I am very excited to read the next book, Industrial Magic.


Book 14: Bitten

14 Jan

bitten.kelleyarmstrongBitten by Kelley Armstrong


Werewolves. Awoooooooooooo. Man I wish I was as cool as Elena. She can kick-ass. And she knows it. This is the first of the Women of Otherworld Series, and if this is any indication of the rest of the novels, I can already see myself loving them. I’ve read a fair share of werewolf stories, but this had to be the first where the Alpha of the pack was not the love interest. I appreciate Armstrong’s presentation of the pack, the way she portrayed their interactions was one of my favorite aspects about the book. The fighting, the love, the loyalty, and trust. Ahh family. But alas, to the hopeless romantic in me, family does not hold a candle to lurve.  But what I wouldn’t give to have my very own Clayton, waiting for me. * sigh* This book has enough action, adventure, and romance to get my stamp of approval, and has piqued my interest into reading the sequels.



Book 2: Beauty Queens

18 Nov

Beauty Queens by Libba Bray

Now if I was crusin the hallowed shelves of the library I probably would not pick this up. But I got a sample of Bray’s The Diviners (And on that note, you know what is very annoying when you have a book multiple books on hold, but you are number 3 on a book you really really want to read, and you see that book on the hold shelf for someone else.) and I thought I would sample another of her works while I await The Diviners. This proved to be a more movement-themed book, a “let’s have a conversation about the ideas presented in this book while we drink tea,” than I’m used to. But I did enjoy this, although it took me a while to get into the groove of enjoying it (does that make sense?) It gave me the “I am female-hear me roar” vibe. The diverse all female cast allows the reader to relate to one of them (a big yay for me to be able to place myself in the characters shoes.) All in all I may add Lib-bray to my author Lib-rary. (bad pun I’m sorry.)

My Note-ings:

-footnotes about the inside jokes yay or nay?

-transgender/lesbians/woman sexual empowerment/

“you are only as cursed as you allowed yourself to be” (pg 173) ← well doesn’t that sound like Miss Texas Taylor.

“I am straight with a minor in gay” (174) well that’s one (collegiate) way to describe it.

“they need to find a place where no one’s watching them so they can be who they really are… they were becoming. they were.” (177) don’t we all?

“sometimes the truth was a hard lonely prison of a place to be. It did not set you free” (191)

-oh my god, of course this is when the boys (pirates, or actors parading as such, no less) and lurve make it into the book. I love romance * sigh *

“desire played by it’s own rules. She wanted him to want her” (260)

“desirability was something reflected back to you”

I hope you don’t mind the quotations, they made me feel like back in school, gathering evidence for a thesis in my essay, but I liked them! So don’t look for some main point about the book, but as a view into my personalityyyyyy.


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