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Book 23: A Night Like This

16 Feb

anightlikethisA Night Like This by Julia Quinn


“Love is blind.” “But not illiterate.” 59

“Sad, strange, and evil are all very well and good, but I’d like to be wicked. Wouldn’t you?” 176

It was this quote that really got me. I just love the historical meaning and usage of the word wicked. I mean we have naughty, but it just doesn’t feel the same to me.

My favorite character would have to be Hugh Prentice. Well Hugh Prentice post-kidnapping. He seemed kind of dark and dreary, but still with a little je ne sais quoi. But when he got on board to rescue Anne, damn. Daniel’s descriptions of him were just so funny. Haha

“In fact, everyone went for the knife except Hugh, who, unnoticed to all, was standing in the doorway with a pistol trained on Chervil, looking almost bored.” 359

I am so glad that he will play a pivotal role in the next book due out June 25th 2013. You can find the summary and more information here. 🙂

~Lady E

Book 15: Romancing Mr. Bridgerton

18 Jan

romancingmr.bridgertonRomancing Mr. Bridgerton by Julia Quinn


Ahhhhh, This has to be one of my favorite J.Quinn novels. I can just feel Colin’s feelings for Penelope. When he tells her she’s beautiful, oh god, I cannot deny that I swooned, quivered, and shrieked, my emotions were all over the place, but dang it if Quinn didn’t have me invested with each page. And you know me, I don’t actively look for stories, with little sister’s best friend is my soul mate if only I had seen it earlier, but this one makes me like that plot. Gawd it is kind of embarrassing to admit that. It has that kind of power over me. And not only that, but Lady Whistledown- my favorite character plays a major part in this book. And she gets unmasked!


One of my favorite scenes was when poor Colin was led to Daphne, by his conscience of course,to ask how love felt like. It’s just so, ughh I can’t even put my feelings into words. (which may be a hint that I need to expand my vocabulary) The only thing I was miffed about was that Colin had to save the day, it made me love him more, but the feminist in me screamed that a woman was not able to outmaneuver another woman.


And perhaps my Quote of my lifetime

“…and of all the things she understood in this world, she understood words.” (416)


~ Lady E

Postscript: When I was perusing the cover photo, I stumbled upon The Bookwyrm’s Hoard review.  I think she did a wonderful job actually reviewing it, as opposed to my errant ramblings, so please check it out here!

Book 12: The Lost Duke of Wyndham

6 Jan

lostdukeofwyndhamBook 12:

The Lost Duke of Wyndham by Julia Quinn

No Summary or Review but just some words.







I love reading and finding words that I have to look up. =]

~ Lady E

Book 10: The Viscount Who Loved Me

23 Dec


The Viscount Who Loved Me by Julia Quinn

I don’t know what I would fear more, a man who straightforwardly tells you that he will not fall in love with you, (less fortunate is she who loves one who has the inkling and doesn’t tell you) or a man who was adamant in courting my sister. Thankfully for Kate, Anthony Bridgerton is both. A rogue and rake who believes in true love, you are totally gonna fall. My favorite part had to be all the Colin/Kate interactions, and the Pall Mall Scene. Ahhhhh.


“Whistledown, was without a doubt, the most interesting reading material in London,” I love my favorite character getting the recognition that she deserves.

“And Anthony realized with a mental slap that he’d said exactly the wrong thing.” if men realized this more often, there would be many more happy partners in the world.

“Something about her was…. right.” Does that mean that he’s left. Get it. Ha ha ah.

“She had responded to his wicked kiss, and she hated herself for it.”

“Men are not as smart as we are, they’re not as intuitive as we are, and they certainly don’t need to know about fifty percent of what we do.” Oh Daph.

“There is nothing like a spot of competition to bring out the worst in a man or the best in a woman. Lady Whistledown.”

“Love was the enemy of the dying man.”

~ Lady E

Book 3: The Duke and I

25 Nov

The Duke and I by Julia Quinn

Now there is something different about reading a romance novel and reading a historical romance novel. And Julia Quinn is one of my favs. She creates a world in which many of her books coexist. (which I like, seeing one of my favorite couples in another work!) This is the first of her Bridgerton series. Since I can’t fathom living in the early 19th century, I’m very attached to indoor plumbing/shorts/refrigerator, but a whimsical part of me years for the dating method of yore. No “is this a date, or are we just hanging out” It was very romantic (among the ton), you courted, you called, you had a dance card. *sigh * granted these were dates that were geared towards finding your spouse, but still. Come on guys you need to step your game up. Anyways back to Simon and Daphne. I liked how it didn’t end with their marriage, but showed them working through the big problem. this story also reminded me of another of her works The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever. Now Daphne was a little too naive in her knowledge of the intimacies of women and men for me, but other wise her character was very kindhearted with that hint of Bridgerton spitfire. Okay now I’m going to be a little double standard here but I enjoy girl gets with brother’s best friend romances a lot better than boy gets with sister’s best friend romances. So this book was a-okay for me.


“Bachelors are a challenge. Spinsters are merely pathetic” (29)

“Simon,” she pleaded, “save me.” And he was lost (208) – Come on guys, do you always feel the need to be the savior?!?

-I think if I was to be one of Quinn’s characters it would have to be Lady Whistledown. Hah The Gossip Queen’s book counterpart 😉


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