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Otherworld Mania!

19 Jul


Okay this is my kick off post for my Kelley Armstrong reading madness. I wanted to read all the other Armstrong novels before I became too busy/engrossed/dying from heat. I thought well I’ve already read 5/ 13 books it shouldn’t be too hard to finish, but then I discovered she wrote a bunch of novellas. If you check out this link it has all the stories in the Otherworld Universe, and I made a nice little document to check what I’ve read (a measely 5/51!) Unfortunately I’m under limited funds, so I could only grab her printed works from the holy library.


Book Case For Book Lovers 22

17 Jul

Originally found here.  So cute and very perfect.  I love the color coordination of the books, and the size of the library/shelves.  The contrast of the orange to the blue is very visually stunning.



Book Case for Book Lovers 21

3 Jul

I have no idea how you reach the books on the top (or how you decide which books to place on the top) but this floor to ceiling case is marvelous.  The skylights will also provide plenty of sunlight for reading. 🙂 Originally found here.



Book Case for Book Lovers 20

26 Jun

I just had a bookgasm from viewing this. UGhhhh My life needs one of these. I dub thee “Double Dose” or maybe “Heaven.”  Originally found here.


Book Case for Book Lovers 16

29 May

A little Yin and Yang to bring balance to my books.  This would house the good, the bad, and those with a little of both.   I don’t remember where I found this. 😦


Book Case for Book Lovers 15

22 May

This is how my room should be.  A haven and storage area for all my books, with a dash of a bed to spend the time when I’m not reading. 🙂  Found here.


Book Case for Book Lovers 13

8 May

This is such a dream.

Floor to ceiling book shelf.  check.

Comfy seating/reading area. check.

Windows for sunlight reading. check.

Perfection.  Originally found here.


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