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Book 19: Trust No One

31 Jan

trustnooneTrust No One (Cahills vs Vespers #5) by Linda Sue Park

I know I know, this is a book for children but I’ve been following the series since the beginning, I can’t stop now! And although these are easy reads, they are also enjoyable reads. It has adventure, danger, family drama, a wee bit of romance and best of all, history!! The Cahill mole is finally revealed to be… Sinead. She wants to cure her brothers in anyway possible, even if it is to go against her family and best friend. Being from a mainly female household, I really felt for Amy, she thought she finally got some female companionship after traveling/fighting/stealing/living with 3 teenage boys for weeks, and to find out your best friend is a spy. Ouch. But the fight scene was classic.

     “Abandoning all of Sensei’s dictates, [Sinead] launched herself at Amy, knocked her to the ground,  and started in on a good old fashioned hair-pulling, nail-clawing catfight, complete with screeches. It was absurd: Amy wanted to cry out, “No, no! This is NOT what we were taught!” ” (35)

Up until now I have yet to show my shippy-ness in any of my previous posts. But this book was rife with Team Evan, Jake, or Ian fights. I am a firm Team Jake! So much cooler and better suited to Amy than icky Evan.


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