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Book 50: The Enchantress

18 Jun

theenchantressThe Enchantress (The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel #6) by Michael Scott

And here we have the final battle, both in the modern world and the lovely “paradise” of Danu Talis. Of course the good guys win, but not without a but load of losses (Prometheus, Mars, Hel, Odin, elder death galore). I would love to read how Zephaniah got revenge for the death of her little brother(Prometheus) and her husband Mars. I loved how at the end the humani immortals realized that although they were different nationalities/sides they are still human and should protect the other humans. Dee giving up his life to save everyone, and his subsequent last lines to Virginia were great. The character of Virginia was unexpected, I really thought she would turn out to be bad, she certainly seemed kind of slimy but her speeches/actions were a nice reveal. But I guess Josh liking her should have been a clue, since JOSH BECOMES FREAKING MARETHYU (DEATH). I guess I was kind of hoping that Sophie would have been the one to save/destroy the world, but I think Josh was the right “twin.” My co-favorite character, along with Perenelle, has to be Tsagaglalal. She is so bad-ass, both in the Danu Talis battle and San Francisco battle. She slices and dices through enemies without breaking stride. Her battlecry send Bastet and Quetzalcoatl running from the fight.



Book 43 :The Necromancer

18 May

thenecromancerThe Necromancer (The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel #4) by Michael Scott


Of course everything is going to come back to the crystal skulls. Haha. Old Archon technology. I liked the Witch’s memories moments and we finally get to meet the Hooked-Handed man. He seemed evil before but now good, so we shall see what’s happening here. On to the twins, Josh, really you’re going to listen to Dee again? Silly Boys. You’re only supposed to trust Sophie, why would you turn away from her! Dumb! This novel was also filled with twins. Aoife and Scatty, obvi Josh and Sophie, Prometheus and Zephaniah, the dream twins. Does Nicholas/Perenelle have a hidden twin somewhere? Oh it also looks like Machiavelli might just turn on the Elders, yay!




Book 41: The Sorceress

11 May

thesorceressThe Sorceress (The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel # 3) by Michael Scott


This book has reaffirmed my wishes to be a Sorceress. Dang Perenelle is super awesome and super bad-ass. No wonder she is my favorite! She also has all the right allies. First the spider, Areop-Enap who valiantly fought the flies, and now the Crow Goddess. It was priceless when Machiavelli and Billy the Kid saw them embracing in friendship. Second she makes all the right moves. Using the Archon stake she stabbed Nereus. Scry-skyped with Scatty, and escaped Alcatraz. When Machiavelli revealed the some of the Dark Elders feared her, I gave a whoop at her power. On the twin side of the story, I like the Mars strategy brainfused Josh, very useful. The revelation that the Witch and Mars were married, not unexpected but loved the delivery of the news. Now that the Flamels are reunited what kind of trouble can they be in?




Book 37: The Magician

23 Apr

themagicianThe Magician (The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flammel #2) by Michael Scott


OMG OMG so much happened! The twins are in Paris, and cannot help but cause disaster in the lovely city. First a new villain, well not really but yes really comes into play, Mr. Machiavelli, and ahhh he was so cool! I liked him as a person much more than Dr. Dee (but don’t like him as a villain). Two we meet the Fire Master, loved the flamboyant Comte de Saint-Germain and his wife, just a little lady named Joan of Arc. Three said fire master imparts all his knowledge onto Sophie, who proceeds to whip the Valkyries’ butts with her new found knowledge. Perenelle is free, and has captured the Morrigan. Josh is awakened by Mars and gains all his memories! Ack Then we get a taste of the Twins powers!!! Must read the next one soon!!!!!



Book 25: The Alchemyst

24 Feb

thealchemystThe Alchemyst (The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel #1 ) by Michael Scott


When my eyes glance across book shelves, I can’t help that my eyes are drawn to series, and this was how I found myself pulling this book off the shelf. I really liked this book. I’ve read books about magic before, but never about magic and alchemy. And I think that this genre is really interesting. Often I jokingly explain things that I can’t understand as “It’s magic!” Since I don’t know a lot of the lore connected with alchemy, I think that the book did a good job with explaining the details. Josh’s inner dialogue kind of annoyed me at times, but otherwise I think it was well told. And I know I would be feeling pretty negative if my twin was the one who was able to be ‘awakened’ or as I like to call it, “superhero-ed up” haah. I think I shall rush to the library and borrow the next few books.



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