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Book 24: Goddess Boot Camp

21 Feb

goddessbootcampGoddess Boot Camp(Oh My Gods #2) by Tera Lynn Childs

This was a good follow up novel. We still have all of Phoebe’s main characters (family, enemies, friends and boyfriend) but I feel her more in this novel. The story had all of the right twists without being over dramatic. I also like how they didn’t make Mr. son of Narcissus, Xander a potential love interest to Phoebe. If they would have I think you would have heard my scream of frustration all the way in Serfopoula, although I do like my heroes mysterious and broody. And when he blushes at the mention of Stella ahhhh sooo cute. But yes, more on Phoebe, I’m glad she learned control finally, but the whole Griffin drama was still meh to me. There are some questions I still have about this world (what god is Nicole from, what will happen to Troy’s music career, will Stella and Xander make babies) and there are a few short stories to answer these questions but I haven’t heard anything about a third novel. 😦


Book 21: Oh My Gods

8 Feb

OhMyGodsiOh My Gods by Tera Lynn Childs

Another of my Gr-eek reads. (greek + geek = no real cool way to combine them together. ) I liked it. Well I think I’d like anything that has to do with Greek mythology, but still. Poor Phoebe. Moving halfway across the globe for your senior year is bad enough, but to get a new step dad and sister and find out that gods do exist can take its toll on any girl. And a high school full of the descendents of the gods, with powers, but still with the usual cliques makes it that much more interesting. I’m super tight with my sisters, not we get along 24/7, but they are definitely some of my best friends, so evil stepsisters always put me on edge. The only thing worse is sisters that steal boyfriends, ick ick ick. Thank god the stepsisters had a “talk” and are now on better terms. But the romance between Phoebe and Griffin, was meh. I liked his “hero” complex compulsion, but I didn’t really feel the chemistry. Now I didn’t feel any romantic chemistry between anyone but there were plenty of friendship chemistry! And with the big, but not surprising, revelation at the end of her parentage, I am interested in what shall happen in the next book.


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