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Book 35: Day of Doom

15 Apr

dayofdoomDay Of Doom by David Baldacci


Do ya’ll read series where a group of authors collaborate and each author writes on book? Okay I don’t know how many of these kind of series exist, but I can see the pros and cons to this system. Pro one, it gets the fans of a certain author to read the series, and pro two it introduces you to new authors writing characters that you like, but con one your series is written by different authors. Case point, the Jake/Amy scenes were too gooey, I mean I ship them pretty exclusively but come on, they were trying to save the world, and they shouldn’t have lost their cool just because of all the gaga eyes. I did like the closet confession, very teenager-y, but still I think their lovey-doveyness should have been more subtle. And I think having Evan die was a cop out, like did he really have to die? But I guess I should just be glad that the Cahills saved the world. Again. Well until the third series takes off in October.





Waitlisting at the Library

13 Apr


I love the Library.  Free books to read, comfy chairs, open for hours upon hours = golden.  Another function that I totally love is the “hold” option on books. It’s basically a waitlist, but it guarantees that you can read the book at some point.  Anyways just wanted to show some appreciation for it, and share with ya’ll some of the books I’m on hold for.  waitlistingpng



Book 33: Uglies

6 Apr

ugliesUglies (Uglies #1) by Scott Westerfeld


I thought this was okay. I liked it and I like all the tricks Shay and Tally pulled but it didn’t quite pull me in as much as I thought that it would. But what I really want is a hoverboard and the crash bracelets. I have tried to balance on a skateboard and man was it hard, so those crash bracelets would definitely come in handy. But alas I shall continue to read and hopefully I will enjoy Pretties more.



Book 32: The Kill Order

2 Apr

thekillorderThe Kill Order (Maze Runner #0.5) by James Dashner

This is the prequel to the Maze Runner. It focuses on the teenage Mark, and his life after the flares. I liked the juxtaposition of Mark’s present circumstances, with his initial circumstances right when the flares hit(especially that he remembers those memories when he is dreaming). But I also felt that when I was reading this, Mark was not a teenager, I had to remind myself that “oh yeah he’s only seventeen.” Which is not a bad thing, considering he went through a world apocalypse, so he’s probably a bit more mature than your average seventeen year old boy. But yes good book, and am excited to continue on this Maze journey.


P.S. The cover is pretty cool, and fitting ne?

Library Bundle

22 Mar

So I got back from my vacation a few days ago, but I’m still very much in vacation mood.  I usually do some reading during the traveling portions of vacation, but not this time, so I am kinda behind on my reading list.  I thought I’d share this photo of my current library haul.


by the way, did I mention that five of em are due by the 27th.  Bam here I go!



Book 27: The Smart One and the Pretty One

4 Mar

the-smart-one-and-the-pretty-one2The Smart One and the Pretty One by Claire LaZebnik

Sister power! Having two sisters, and being in the middle of our sisterly trio, this book certainly appealed to me. I loved how their relationship was portrayed and it made me absolutely miss my sisters. Ava and Lauren so similar but yet distinctly individuals. And ahh the arranged marriage scenario. It played a small but cute role. And oh Russell Markowitz. Ava is a lucky girl.  When he added Pygmalion and Galatea into his argument, I just about sighed like one of those lovesick puppies.


Russell “I’d be attracted to you no matter what you wore. In fact, you could be naked, Ava, and I’d be attracted to you. Really. I mean that.” (181) Now this although quite a quip, did not lead to the characters dancing the horizontal tango.

“He smiled down into her eyes and she looked right at him and she knew him. When hadn’t she known him? With a little sigh of acceptance, she moved into his arms, meeting his eager kiss with a mouth that was just as greedy as him” (279)

Post Post.

Hehe. I find that I am a great lover of italics.


Book 26: Cybele’s Secret

28 Feb

cybelessecretCybele’s Secret (Wildwood Dancing #2) by Juliet Marillier

I loved loved loved it. As you can tell from above this is the second novel in the series, but I preferred this one to the first book. The inside jacket summarizes

An ancient artifact…

A perilous quest…

A trail of magical signs….

A startling love triangle….

and boy was it a love triangle. In the books that I am used to reading, there usually is a love triangle, or rivals of the main love interest, but it is usually very obvious whom the heroine favors/loves/ends up with, but in this story it was actually touch and go for me for a bit as to who was the true love of our dear Paula. We met the scarf-stealing, charming, pirate Duarte and on the other hand, the he’s tough, but also has a golden heart, bodyguard Stoyan. Both men equally dangerous, and dangerously handsome. *swoon And the three go on a hair-raising, riddle-filled quest, relying on each other because their lives depended on it. The ending was quite sweet and mushy, very waffy.


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