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Book 38: The Diviners

27 Apr

thedivinersThe Diviners by Libba Bray

This review comes from my adventures in book samples. Thank you to my lovely friends at Comic-con for giving me (and countless others) a lovely preview into the novel. Without which I probably would not have read unless greatly recommended by a close and personal friend(or internet stranger) But yes supernatural activity, ragtag group of teens, roaring 20s, and *sigh a museum. First off I loved all the lingo. “And how. Pie-face. Jake. being goofy for your crush” classic.  Man Libba Bray was really able to draw me into the time period.   Second I liked how all the characters seemed to resonate with the novel, how everyone had a part to play (that sounds kind of dumb, but ya’ll get what I mean right?) , oh Miss Emma Snow said it in her review “Every single one had a significant importance throughout the novel. They each held a piece to the story, giving Evie the opportunity to unravel the mystery of Naughty John – the murderer,” check out the rest of her review  here.  What I didn’t like was the love tangles. Come on, I mean I know it wasn’t a main focus of the story but it still bothered me a weensy bit. But what I liked most was all the different powers (some explained some not) in the story. My favorite character was Sam. Dang it heart why do you make me love all the stupid charming characters. I definitely have a type. Haha. But his innuendos were so funny! Last but not least the title fits the book/superpowered teens perfectly. Diviners Why does 2014(when the sequel comes out) seem so far away?



Library Bundle

22 Mar

So I got back from my vacation a few days ago, but I’m still very much in vacation mood.  I usually do some reading during the traveling portions of vacation, but not this time, so I am kinda behind on my reading list.  I thought I’d share this photo of my current library haul.


by the way, did I mention that five of em are due by the 27th.  Bam here I go!



Romance Novels for the Beach

Find out which sexy books to bring with you, or leave behind, on your next beach vacation.

Alison Doherty

Reader, Writer, & Writing Teacher


Because there's no such thing as too many books- there's just not enough shelf space

Steel &Velvet

For The Love of Romance Novels

Apphia In Korea

The tale of one short Irish girl who moved to Korea to teach English and have super crazy adventures and maybe do other stuff too

Book Hub, Inc.

The Total Book Experience

Crack On Paper

To all the books that have me hooked.

Hilary Makes

A doorway into my world. Sometimes an adventure.

Books, j'adore

story lovers unite

freaky folk tales

A haunting we will go...


book + movie = mook. this is mookology.