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Book 36: The Friday Society

19 Apr

fridaysocietyThe Friday Society by Adrienne Kress

I definitely loved this book! Girl-power all the way! Three main girls in the book, three sisters in my family, so I could totally relate. And I have placed myself as the ever lovely and bubbly Nellie (older sis is totes inventor Cora and younger sis is first choice for katana wielding Michiko). One Nellie’s a fricken magician’s assistant, I love magic! Two she gets some sort of flamethrower, me = mini pyro. Annnnd I don’t have a three as of now, but felt that this post needed it somewhere here. But yes buttkickin girls makes for a great book. I would recommend this book for everyone. So kudos for A Wrinkle in the Pages because I read her review and just had to read it! Another awesome review can be found here and here.   I don’t have a favorite part, the whole book was great!

But the Chapter Titles are hilar-ious.

Chapter 10: So Isn’t it About Time for That Gala Everyone’s Been Going on About

Chapter 14; Just Your Average Turn-of-the-Century Slumber Party with a Dead Body.  You Know How It is.


“I’d say there’s a sudden lack of enthusiasm for killig me. Here,” he said, returning her pistol and standing back. “threaten me.” (26) oh silly boys

“Intolerable? I’ll have you know lots of girls are rather fond of my front. My back, too.” (162) Andrew you charmer you. Too bad.

“But could one trust someone who bantered so effortlessly?” (170) NO of course not! Who knows how many girls he has used that silver tongue of his on.

“Michiko joined them, and Cora had to admit that it was nice to know the girl with the really sharp sword agreed with her assessment.” (363)

“ “Who the hell are you?” asked Cora, flabbergasted that the Fog should be a total stranger. After all the novels she’d read, she’d sort of assumed that he would be someone she knew.” (394) Riiiiiiiiiight? What up with that.



Library Bundle

22 Mar

So I got back from my vacation a few days ago, but I’m still very much in vacation mood.  I usually do some reading during the traveling portions of vacation, but not this time, so I am kinda behind on my reading list.  I thought I’d share this photo of my current library haul.


by the way, did I mention that five of em are due by the 27th.  Bam here I go!



Romance Novels for the Beach

Find out which sexy books to bring with you, or leave behind, on your next beach vacation.

Alison Doherty

Reader, Writer, & Writing Teacher


Because there's no such thing as too many books- there's just not enough shelf space

Steel &Velvet

For The Love of Romance Novels

Apphia In Korea

The tale of one short Irish girl who moved to Korea to teach English and have super crazy adventures and maybe do other stuff too

Book Hub, Inc.

The Total Book Experience

Crack On Paper

To all the books that have me hooked.

Hilary Makes

A doorway into my world. Sometimes an adventure.

Books, j'adore

story lovers unite

freaky folk tales

A haunting we will go...


book + movie = mook. this is mookology.