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Book 51: Extras

22 Jun

extrasExtras (Uglies #4) by Scott Westerfeld


I really really liked this book. I loved the concept of “kicking” things and the reputation monetary system in the utopian world. It is very techno-friendly and reminiscent of our “modern living.” I don’t have a twitter(or even really know how to use one) but I saw it’s weird hold it has on people in this book. Aya was a nice change of pace from Tally, but I loved her sidekicks more. Her older brother, Hiro, and his best friend, Ren. And her love interest, Frizz. I wonder how many people would want their significant others to have the Radical Honestly surge.




Book 42: Specials

14 May

specialsSpecials (Uglies #3)  by Scott Westerfeld


I love Tally as a Special. She is so bad-ass. And I much prefer the thinking sensation to be icy rather than bubbly. Shay was so cold, (which was the intent I’m sure) but she definitely made a good villainess-bestfriend. I liked Andrew’s cameo. 🙂 Zane’s death was meh. I didn’t really hard-core follow ship (Tally/Zane, Tally/David, Tally/Peris, if anything a Shay/Tally or Cory/anyone would have been interesting). I absolutely loved the rescue scenes. Shay talking to drugged Tally, priceless. Cured Dr. Cable and her quips, the best. I’m glad war was able to be avoided, so Tally does not have that on her conscience. Overall it was a good ending to a good series.



Book 40: Pretties

7 May

prettiesPretties (Uglies 2)by Scott Westerfeld

Uggggh Why are boys so stupid. David David David, if it was you lying in that bed would you want Tally to leave you behind. Gawd you had to bring the pretty card into play. But I can’t put all the blame on you, fricken Tally the two-timing Crim. And Shay! Why why why did you have to turn to the dark side, I can understand you feeling betrayed, but the Specials! Icky. What I did like in this was Croy, oh you ninja you. And Zane’s measurement of beauty, “milli-Helens” haha I’m going to start usin that.


Book 33: Uglies

6 Apr

ugliesUglies (Uglies #1) by Scott Westerfeld


I thought this was okay. I liked it and I like all the tricks Shay and Tally pulled but it didn’t quite pull me in as much as I thought that it would. But what I really want is a hoverboard and the crash bracelets. I have tried to balance on a skateboard and man was it hard, so those crash bracelets would definitely come in handy. But alas I shall continue to read and hopefully I will enjoy Pretties more.



Library Bundle

22 Mar

So I got back from my vacation a few days ago, but I’m still very much in vacation mood.  I usually do some reading during the traveling portions of vacation, but not this time, so I am kinda behind on my reading list.  I thought I’d share this photo of my current library haul.


by the way, did I mention that five of em are due by the 27th.  Bam here I go!



Romance Novels for the Beach

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Alison Doherty

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Because there's no such thing as too many books- there's just not enough shelf space

Steel &Velvet

For The Love of Romance Novels

Apphia In Korea

The tale of one short Irish girl who moved to Korea to teach English and have super crazy adventures and maybe do other stuff too

Book Hub, Inc.

The Total Book Experience

Crack On Paper

To all the books that have me hooked.

Books, j'adore

story lovers unite

freaky folk tales

A haunting we will go...


book + movie = mook. this is mookology.